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Seminar - this is one of the most popular way of today business events and educational programs.

The main advantage of seminars in comparison to other forms of learning is interactivity, I.e. possibility of involving all participants in the process.

It must be remembered that the success of the seminar depends not only on the speakers and the audience, but the important role plays he place of the workshop, its decoration, reception and accommodation of visitors and participants, as a handout, the availability of coffee breaks and more.

Holiday Show company has vast experience in organizing such kind of events. There is no trouble for us to find a room for any number of participants, guests arrange a meeting, to prepare a room, provide a sound, technical, equipment, make transfers - everything you need to make a success of your seminar .

But before embarking on the event organization the team of Holiday Show professionals offers partners take the stage "The concept creating." It's necessary to determine the purpose and objectives of the workshop, to determine its subject matter, form, duration - all of these issues has to be solved during the workshops to let the event take place and be at the highest level.

All organizational aspects, you can safely entrust us with:

  • The selection and design of rooms for seminars and conferences
  • The provision of lighting, sound and multimedia equipment
  • Preparation and printing of handouts
  • Transport services (like participants and equipment transportation , which may be needed in the performance of the participants.)
  • Accommodation of the participants
  • Coffee-breaks, lunches, dinners, banquets or receptions
  • Organization of the evening program, tours