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Forum is an event held to identify and solve some kind of global problems. This concept is found in the political, economic, social, religious, environmental and many other spheres of modern society. The level of such events requires special care and professionalism in planning. Effectiveness and efficiency depends much on the competence of "prepare" side.

Preparations for the Forum includes a multitude of different aspects and require hard work. It is necessary not only to formulate a reason, but also work out carefully the used information, to instruct the speakers, select the media, to determine the venue for the event. And that means, check out: how easy is route, whether you need a transfer, is it possible to accommodate all the participants of the forum, etc.

Company Holiday Show will organize a forum of any complexity and scale, as a turnkey as well as provide certain types of services:

  • To work-out the concept of events (scenario map)
  • Recruitment and rental space for the event.
  • Budgeting
  • Involvement of professional facilitators and trainers
  • Organization of technical support: microphones, laser pointers, plasma, recorders, audio and video equipment, projectors, screens, flipcharts, etc.
  • Accommodation of participants of symposium
  • Organization of dinners, banquets, receptions, coffee breaks
  • Provision of transport, transfers of the participants, the transportation of necessary equipment
  • PR-support (invitation and work with the media, attracting of participants, promoting the upcoming event)
  • Assist in the production of presentation materials, manufacturing all kinds of standard and exclusive printed materials, multimedia presentations, data collection and publication of the abstracts
  • Organization of sightseeing and entertainment